Who is Allen Goldenthal?

Allen Goldenthal has been experimenting on animals for at least 16 years, and describes himself as an ‘in vivo’ (i.e. live animal) and biopharmaceutical specialist. Originally from Canada, he has been involved in toxicity testing on animals at various overseas pharmaceutical companies, including Pasteur-Merieux-Connaught’s Animal Resources and Pathology Centre. After moving to New Zealand, he found a job managing Massey University’s Estendart contract animal testing service. Two years ago he bought kennels in Hasting and the Manawatu, and began setting up his own animal testing company. While Goldenthal claims to care for the health and happiness of his beagles, there is little evidence to back this– he and his wife regularly sell puppies and older dogs to whoever happens to bid for them on Trade Me.



  1. Anything I can do to help protest against Allen and the like, I would like to help. Is there a anti-vivisection group in Wellington that I can join also?
    Cheers for all the great work!

  2. We need to make this an election issue because our government sanctions the use of animals for testing. There has to be a law change and this won’t happen unless those of us who hate this form of animal abuse make it an issue.

  3. im shocked that is happening in my own region. I never knew that our government allows experiments on animals. are there others who would like to form an anti-vivisection group in hawkes bay?

  4. As Ironic as it sounds,Allen Goldenthal was a respected Veterinarian for dogs and cats in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. He was the County Veterinarian. Which means if an unknown dog is hit by a car, or a bunch of cats are legally removed from someones house, and or abuse cases the County brings them to him. He was also my Vet. He also wrote a very good book on Veterinarian Science.Margaret was selling everything from small animals,ie. raccoons, to various breeds of unregistered dogs. Last I heard he had some job offer in the Virgin Islands, to work in a lab to develoup a drug for aids.They closed their clinic and disappeared.Margaret was also my landlord well before she met Allen. What a shocker.

  5. Please share your letters with me, so I may share them with others.


    (the intention is to share letters for others to copy paste and send, addresses are good)

    fight the good fight yo’s

  6. He lives down my road, and the kennels are 2 mins from my work place.

  7. One of the effects of poisoning is pancreatitis. If a person gets this it is classed as a medical emergency, for reason of the pain alone.

    Talk to a person who has had acute pancreatitis nd they will decribe the pain. And even they, unlike these dogs, will never have had their pancreas burst.

    For the pain that arises, a person will be given constant morphine. These dogs suffer and turn in their cages in unmitigated agony, not for them the lessening of pain, waiting for the next visit, the next manhandling, the next clamping, the next dose, the next biopsy.

    On occasions Goldenthal will arrive and find that instead of waiting for the next dose, a dog lies dead in his cage, the poison finally having killed him before goldenthal himself does the job.


  8. We people who object to all this need to be more aggressive. We need to tell it how it is. We need to coalesce. We need to not worry about being politically correct. We need to write , TO TURN UP, be more active.

    We need to be less gentle. We need to be fearless. We need to not worry about being laughed at or rejected. We need to speak our mind regardless. we need to not worry about being admonished, whatever.

    We need to put bold notices on our cars.

    We need to act in solidarity and unison.

  9. great news that comedian mike king is on the pig crate issue but sad that one thing takes the spot light off another eg Beagle research.Its all gone quiet as if its forgotten but i havent forgotten.
    I would like to know updates. Is he still force feeding Beagles human drugs ?Is he still operating in the same kennels.

  10. Yes he still operates the kennels and VARC is still operating ,I havent forgotten either .

  11. Mr.Goldenthal,I am from Brazil,I have 8 Beagles living with our family in our farm, how can you do these atrocities with a so friendly and lovely little dog? Why don´t you go back to Canada and go help to kill the seals babies? You´re not human,you are nothing!!!!

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