The miserable life of a laboratory dog

female beagle

VARC’s beagle dogs are kept in unpleasant and unsanitary conditions. They live in cages either with concrete floors or wire mesh over dirt floors. When the beagles are being used for a drug trial, an experimenter regularly comes in and removes them from their social group, and takes them to a frightening environment where they are dosed or injected with a drug. Dogs have excellent memories, and will soon get know and fear the routine of being removed from their cages and experimented on – a routine which may continue for weeks or years. At the end of the experiment they may be killed and dissected, or sold to whoever happens to bid for them on Trade Me.



  1. I hate animal testing and I think it needs to stop now, I did my school speech on animal testing last year and 300,000 animals from New Zealand animal testing are killed per year! and frankly, i think its discusting! Also.. 99% of animal testing are for cosmetics
    I mean animals, dogs, are still living! and they can still get hurt and feel things!
    And also the results for drugs on an animal is different for whats going to happen to a human.


  2. They are killing Beagles? That’s my favorite type of dog! Beagles Rule! How dare they kill those innocent dogs! It has to stop before beagles become extinct or something! They might get threatened if they keep doing this! It has to stop! I love beagles!

  3. We have had Odie for almost 3 years now, and it was only recently that a friend brought it to our attention that where we purchased her was from a Beagle testing lab at Bainesse.
    I was shocked, and overwhelmed with emotions and horror.
    I cannot imagine what type of a “human being” could inflict abuse on such a gorgeous pet, Odie is apart of our family – and we would never dream of abusing her.

  4. The conditions these animals live in is terrible and they are neglected and live in filthy conditions.

  5. Por que no prueban sus productos en su propio trasero.
    Aprovecharse de estos animales tan dóciles y amorosos.
    Les deseo lo peor a estas personas y que no les permitan mas este tipo de torturas.

  6. appreciate the post

  7. We have a beagle and she is the sweetest most docile dog. These corporations and scientists are immoral. To purposefully harm these beautiful intelligent animals is proto-typical pyschopathy. The people who do this to these poor creatures would make great gas chambers attendants.

  8. I, too, am appalled at the treatment of laboratory dogs. A friend of mine adopted a terrier who had been in a lab for all of his eight years. He didn’t know how to go upstairs or — in a more general sense — to navigate the world outside that cage he was confined to. I wrote a story (fiction) about it called “Laboratory Dog,” which is available for Kindles at 99 cents on Amazon. I’d like your feedback.

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