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Protests planned for 2009

We will be holding a protest in Palmerston North on the 29th of November, and are planning regular actions against beagle experiments throughout the year.

Palmerston North people march against animal testing on August 23rd 2008

The 2008 Walk for the Animals in Palmerston North, organised by SAFE and Save the Beagles Campaign to protest against animal testing, was a huge success. Despite pouring rain almost 100 people marched around the central city holding placards, banners and wearing animal costumes to
voice their opposition to the local animal testing laboratory.

SAFE campaign officer Sacha Dowell says, “After learning why we were protesting some of the bystanders joined the march. Most people were horrified to learn there was testing of beagles and other companion animals happening in their region.”

The march continued on to a nearby hall to listen to scientist Michael Morris, Green Party candidate Lawrence O’Halloran and long-time anti-vivisection campaigner Mark Eden from Save the Beagles Campaign.

Report from the SAFE website.


  1. this websites looking awesome. Wish i wasn’t down south, if there’s anything I can do i.e. making patches etc let me know
    Meghann Russell

  2. Keep up the good work! Beagles Rule! I love Beagles!

  3. At the last demo there ,a worker came out and lied to us saying Goldenthal had sold up and there was no vivisection there etc blah blah ,a call to the council confirmed that Goldenthal is still the owner of the kennels .
    So the protests do have an effect.

  4. Hi Animal Lover,
    What effect did the protests have on VARC?

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