What you can do

Come to a protest against experiments on beagles. The Save the Beagles campaign is organising regular protests both in Himitangi and the Hawke’s Bay. For more information contact nzarinfo@gmail.com or nzarinfo@gmail.com Lifts to Napier or the Manawatu can be organised for people who live out of town.

Organise or help out with an information stall. The Save the Beagles will be organising regular stalls in Wellington, and welcomes anyone who would like to run stalls in their local region. For help with resources, information etc, please phone 02102649406 or email nzarinfo@gmail.com You can download a factsheet about beagle experiments in New Zealand in PDF format.

Sign SAFE’s online petition to the Minister of Agriculture http://www.banbeagleexperiments.org.nz/Sign-Petition/ If you have your own website or blog, please link it to this petition.

Complain by letter, phone call, fax or email to Allan Goldenthal and Margaret Harkema (his wife). Their address is 43 Kaiapo Road, Hastings, info@varc.co.nz., 0-6-870 6995. You may also wish to contact their Himitangi business: ph. 06 878 7707, fax 06 878 3060. Boycott their boarding kennel businesses, and ask your friends to do likewise.

Write and complain to your local MP if you live in Hawke’s Bay or the Manawatu Craig Foss is MP for Tukituki (Hastings) ; Iain Lees-Galloway is MP for Palmerston North. Download a sample letter explaining your concerns about beagle experiments to Craig Foss in Word or PDF format[letter to Lees-Galloway will be on site soon].

Write a letter complaining to David Carter, Minister of Agriculture.

Send letters complaining about Goldenthal’s experiments to local newspapers: Manawatu Standard, editor@msl.co.nz ; Hawke’s Bay Today, editor@hbtoday.co.nz

For more information, please contact National AntiVivisection Campaign, PO Box 6387, Wellington ; nzarinfo@gmail.com Beagle puppy



  1. Dear Mark Eden,
    Well done on your good efforts. I am a veterinary surgeon based in Europe and would like to help your campaign. It would be helpful if you could send me a link to the NZ regulatory authorities website, so that I can study their legal requirements for testing medical products. You should include ALL animals in your petition, and not just dogs and cats. I look forward to hearing from you. Andre

  2. You can stop this!! keep it up !! love your work

  3. i would love to help as much as i can so plz if u can send me an email so i can help i wanna help any amianl out there witch is getting hurt or expermented on so plz email me bak


  4. so when are the next protests?????? DONT GIVE UP

  5. cant you at least update this site

  6. I really love what your doing. I have a beagle myself and I couldn’t ever imagine hurting him. I’ve posted your blog on myspace as well as the petition and am getting as many people to sign as possible. I wish I lived in NZ because I would defiantly love to come and protest with you. Keep up the good work.

    • If we don’t live in New Zealand how can we help? P.S I just love what you are doing because I that every animal no matter how big or small they are they sould have a better life than testing. I feel for all of you!!

      • Hi Grace I think you are rigth but did you mean to say “because I know thst every animal no matter how big or small they are they sould have a better life than testing”?

  7. Keep up the great work, wish I could be apart of this if I lived in NZ. I have a beagle and he is the most adorable loving dog you could ever imagine. These people ought to be punished for their disgusting behaviour. Keep up the great work and please save the beagles.

  8. Of all the forms of cruelty in the world calculated organised abuse like this sickens me to the core, Animal testing breaks my heart and reduces me to tears, it is so important for people to know that we need to at least be responsible for buying cruelty free products, in this day and age it is not hard, with a little bit of research and effort, there are comprehensive lists of approved products on the internet. People have to start caring learn about Animal testing tell anyone who will listen and mostly those who won’t MAKE THEM! Also a Beagle owner!

  9. Those of us outside of New Zealand want to help too! Please, please continue to get the word out, and let’s make it global!

  10. What the hell is going on with this site? It is lying dorment, whilst SAFE has dropped it’s campaign altogether. What is happening?

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