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The beagle testing laboratory has closed down

As many of you will have seen in the news, it is now confirmed that beagle experiments at the Valley Animal Research Centre have been stopped. Allen Goldenthal split up with his wife Margaret Harkema at the beginning of this year and since then no testing as taken place at either the Himatangi laboratory or the Whakatu Boarding Kennels near Hastings. Allen Goldenthal is now the sole director of Valley Animal Research Centre and is still licenced by the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out animal experiments in New Zealand. However, the two properties where the animals were kept belong to his estranged wife who has now publicly stated that she is rehoming the beagles. A number of individuals and groups are working to obtain the remaining beagles and rehome them permanently.

See this link for the TV3 report:

We are now sure that beagle experiments have been stopped in New Zealand!

Thank you for your support over the years. We will still be keeping an eye on Allen Goldenthal and others like him. There are still around 300,000 animals used for research and testing every year in New Zealand so there is still work to be done.

For more info contact us at or check out the SAFE website for general animal rights information.


Beagle petition handover – 22 April 2010

On Thursday 22nd April a SAFE will be handing over to Sue Kedgley at Parliament, a petition with 14,000 signatures calling for an end to Beagle Research Testing in New Zealand.

Please email if you can come and support the protest

Valley Animal Research Centre experiments on beagles

Valley Animal Research Centre (VARC) is a contract animal testing company which keeps over a hundred beagles for experiments. VARC was set up two and a half years ago by Allen Goldenthal and his wife, Margaret Harkema. The company has facilities in Hawke’s Bay and in the Manawatu, where they keep dogs and cats for research purposes.

The Manawatu operation is run out of Bainesse Kennels in Himitangi, a boarding kennel business which acts as a front for a vivisection laboratory. There are around 100 beagles kept for research, with a two story laboratory building located behind the manager’s house.

Goldenthal’s Hawke’s Bay facility is also advertised as boarding kennels -“Animal Boarders” in Whakatu, Hastings. However, the kennels mainly house about 100 beagles, who have been bred for experiments. Goldenthal is about to begin a major expansion of his Hawke’s Bay laboratory.

The National Anti-Vivisection Campaign is working with SAFE to stop Goldenthal’s cruel experiments, and in particular, stop him building his new vivisection laboratory



Join our campaign to save the beagles!

Save the Beagles Campaign, PO Box 6387 Wellington ;



  1. Anyone who believes that animal testing is necessary, then you really need to educate yourself. It has been proved time and time again that these barbaric tests that are carried out on beautiful, innocent animals are USELESS!
    I would rather die than use anything that was tested on innocent animals.
    Two words for these “so called” scientists:

  2. Bloody b…….stds should have the experiments done on them, not the animals.

  3. Truth we’re supposed to be looking after
    our furry friends. I dont believe their suffering
    can help us either.

  4. i will do anything to help the loving beagles i hope u will 2

  5. I would like to interview with you for my weekly iTV show please contact me.


  6. I hate stuff like this, it makes me cry all the time. I’m only 13 years old, and I’m willing to help any animal in trouble!. I have a beagle and I love him more then life its self. When I looked at this it hit me I had to say something about it. please write back!.


  7. I feel very sad for Allen Goldenthal, anyone who works there really or who is a part of VARC, or any kind of inhumane dominance over animals. Can you imagine what sort of person you would have to be? Imagine being an adcademic who can rationailse that this is ok, thats it’s for the greater good of mankind. And to think that Dog spells GOD backwards. We are all God’s creature’s or earth’s creation, however you want to look at it, we all share this earth. Enjoy your money money maker, ego maker, spirit breaker, dog abuser.

  8. HI! i love your logo, any chance I could use it to make some badges? ALSOhow was the protest today?I would love any images to share around and even use on my blog. I love you and what you do. xo

  9. As a beagle owner I can not understqand why anyone would do any test on them. They are the most loyal and loving animals. Shame on this company! Canine and Humans are two different species so these test are a joke. Only an evil person would do this. May God have mercy on your soul. Because when you life ends you will have to answer to a higher power for your actions you murders.

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